Document Created on : 05 October 2020, Monday
Document Last update : 05 October 2020, Monday
Document Version : 1.0.0

Please click on the title for details..

  1. After purchase you will get Instant Access to the Premium Download Board.
  2. Just click the download button and you will download the required files.
  3. You will download the package
  4. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO UNZIP FIRST the download package.

In the download package please open : how-to-install.txt file and follow the steps.


  1. First of all unzipt the package :
  2. You will see the package for installation :
  3. Go to Extension Installer at Joomla Administrator panel -> administrator/index.php?option=com_installer
  4. Upload the package file. You will get the success message.
  5. Now go to Module Manager : administrator/index.php?option=com_modules
  6. Search for the title : Instant Feedback. Click to the title.
  7. You can publish the extension at any position! The best position is debug. If your template does not have, you can use another position e.g. footer.


  1. Every parameter is very well explained.
  2. If you use Joomla 3 please just roll your mouse over the parameter title and a description box will open.
  3. At Joomla 4, the descriptions are underneath the titles.